DH8BM: Creator and manager of awards
After collecting over 400 awards I like to create some own awards. Some are more difficult, other are not so strange, I created long time awards ans short time awards as jubilee awards and have many more ideas, hi.
To make the awards to offical awards by DARC, they are announced as awards of the german district Wuerttemberg or of my local club P57.
At this time 7 awards are announced, 3 of them are/were jubilee awards, only to work in the specified year and they are now QRT. Below you see the awards with links to their official sites, were you can read the working conditions and anything else about these awards.

Have you any questions about these awards? Please write a note to me: Michael Burgmaier, DH8BM
Informations about other awards are on www.amateurfunkdiplome.de. At the moment this site is only in german.

Klicking on the pictures below shows you the specified award and his conditons.

Actual informations (01.07.2022):
- Now we have equal fees for all this awards (5,00 Euro + P&P)
- DL 5,00 Euro + postage DL (about 1,60 Euro) =  6,60 Euro
- EU/DX 5,00 Euro + postage (about 3,70 Euro) =  8,70 Euro or 12 US-Dollar
- It is possible to pay on my banque account or via paypal (+ 1 Euro/US-Dollar for paypal fees). (-> eMail)

Awards of OV P57:

Baden-Württemberg Diplom
DL-aktiv Diplom
Work 10 DOKs from OverSwabia and also the word OBERSCHWABEN with one suffix letter from stations from OverSwabia. 35 QSOs with stations from BW, a minimum of ten from Baden (A) and Württemberg P (for EU) Work the DOK numbers from 1-61 from all german districts in one calendar year (for 2006).

Awards of the district Wuerttemberg:

Work different personal special DOKs:
DVA-DVZ (DL 15/EU 10/DX 5)